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#lak13 addressing learner issues with Stepup!: an evaluation

Simple visualisation tool to automatically or manually track student activity. Record activity across 3 courses for students keeping a record of time spent on each course activity. Students also required to keep a blog and publish tweets and comment on … Continue reading

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Understanding student vulnerability #LAK13

Homework for week 1 of the #LAK13 MOOC is to begin to think around something that I want to understand better using an analytic approach. One thing that’s been bugging me is how to get a better understanding of vulnerability. … Continue reading

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Learning analytics and higher education: ethical perspectives

Students leave behind lots of information about themselves, with little or no realisation of what Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) do with it. Does it matter? We ran a  ½ day workshop at the LAK12 conference in Vancouver in late April … Continue reading

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Learning analytics and the changing role of teachers

Here’s a nice short article from Andrianes Pinantoan which talks about the changing role of teachers resulting from the use of learning analytics to track student progress.  Pinantoan highlights the importance of timely feedback, the dangers of mis-interpretation and concludes that ‘teachers  … Continue reading

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Tools, methods, and levels of learning analytics #LAK12

Just a quick post to highlight that actually the introduction to week 6 of the #LAK12 mooc contains a great overview of the range of software (much of it open source) now available to help us draw greater understanding from data … Continue reading

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Educause post on learning analytics#LAK12

Picked this up via an internal summary shared at work (thanks to Jim Ellis of Open University in the UK): Educause has released a new white paper, Analytics in Higher Education: Establishing a Common Language, which looks at the use … Continue reading

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Purdue Signals case study: back on track #LAK12

Kimberley Arnold’s article  gives a very readable overview of the Signals project carried out at Purdue University to apply analytics to improve student success. Their approach is interesting in that the information yielded by their application of analytics is fed … Continue reading

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Penetrating the fog #LAK12

I really enjoyed this paper which summed up many of the current concerns about higher education in a time of increasing external pressures and the need to somehow provide an improved, more efficient (and more appropriate) service to students. The … Continue reading

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The ethics of learning analytics #LAK12

A colleague and I have decided to explore the area of the ethics of learning analytics in the field of Higher education. Is it necessarily a ‘good thing’ to know more about our students than the face that they choose … Continue reading

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