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#lak13 addressing learner issues with Stepup!: an evaluation

Simple visualisation tool to automatically or manually track student activity. Record activity across 3 courses for students keeping a record of time spent on each course activity. Students also required to keep a blog and publish tweets and comment on … Continue reading

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Beware online filters #LAK12

Excellent short  TED talk from Eli Pariser talking about the dangers of allowing personalisation of information to go uncontrolled. Most information that we access online is processed invisibly. As users, we have no real awareness of what information is selected for … Continue reading

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Tools, methods, and levels of learning analytics #LAK12

Just a quick post to highlight that actually the introduction to week 6 of the #LAK12 mooc contains a great overview of the range of software (much of it open source) now available to help us draw greater understanding from data … Continue reading

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