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Dr Sharon Slade is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Business and Law at the Open University in the UK working to support both tutors and students on Open University distance learning modules and programmes. Her research interests encompass ethical issues in learning analytics and online learning and tuition. Project work includes the development of a student support framework to improve retention and progression and the development of a university wide tool for tracking students and triggering relevant and targeted interventions. She led the development of new policy around the ethical use of learning analytics within the Open University, UK.

#LAK15 Becoming strategic writers

Ge Vue and Tracey Hall Purpose to teach middle school students how to become effective writers through web based learning tools. Needing to integrate writing elements, such as making statements, cognitive strategies and affective strategies. Designed a visualisation dashboard to … Continue reading

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#LAK15 you’ve got style: detecting writing flexibility across time

Erica Snow, Laura Allen, Matthew Jacovina, Cecile Perret and Danielle McNamara Writing is not easy! Aim is to better understand the writing process and build that understanding into interventions and strategies to improve writing. Focus on linguistic features that make … Continue reading

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#lak15 how should we quantify student engagement? 

Perry Samson Qus: how can we know whether students are engaging with our teaching? What makes a smart student smart? Do smart students engage in a different way? Outcomes likely to be impacted by motivation, academic background and their participation, … Continue reading

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#EP4LA #LAK15 applying learning analytics to a primary school classroom: benefits and barriers

Rodriguez-Triana, Martinez-Mones and Villagra-Sobrino Based on previous studies into LA in higher education. Little awareness previously paid to data privacy and ethical issues (“because the data was already there and available”). A recognition that automatic data (VLE) is not enough. … Continue reading

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#EP4LA #LAK15 de-identification in learning analytics 

Khalil and Ebner Key issues are: Transparency and 3rd party issues, identification, ownership, accuracy, security. Research into how to de identify students. In context of education, tensions between learning analytics and personal information. Students don’t want research into their personal … Continue reading

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#EP4LA #LAK15 privacy driven design of learning analytics applications – exploring the design space of solutions for data sharing and interoperability 

Tore Hoel and Chen Privacy control of data and trust essential to learning analytics. What are the implications for LA design of setbacks in learning analytics/privacy issues? Who owns the data? LACE suggests we give parents and students control of … Continue reading

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#EP4LA #LAK15 ethics workshop – student vulnerability, agency and learning analytics: an exploration (Prinsloo and Slade)

We presented a paper around student vulnerability as an interpretative lens for consideration of student control and choices around uses of their data within higher education. Background given on general lack of clarity and policy with HEIs. Range of consent … Continue reading

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Educational triage in higher online education: Walking a moral tightrope

Summary of our recent paper neatly borrowed from the LACE blog (with thanks):

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#EDEN14 Virtual collaboration in the built environment

Mark Childs, Loughborough University Students collaboratively work on a project brief, design a building for a specific site, submit a report and reflect on process. Learners constrict meaning through the act of design. Meaning is constructed jointly by the community. … Continue reading

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#EDEN14 Digital storytelling as a effective practice tool in a community of professionals

Corrado Petrucco, Univ of Padova The human brain seems to manage to understand stories rather than logical processes, but stories but still follow some rules. A good story can be used as the basis of an argument to convince others. … Continue reading

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