Assessing classroom attention #lak13

Allowing tutor to understand if students are engaging. Students observed by cameras, where they sit, how they are sitting, and are asked to complete questions at several stages through lecture to capture levels of attention. Tutor can see how levels of attention change spatially and over time. Understand that there are factors other than tutor and materials that affect students, eg other students causing distraction ripples. Common motion patterns, ie students moving at the same time, indicate similar reactions to material and tutor instructions. Periods of activity and inactivity can be tracked and compared to what is going on in the room at the time. 

Can observe moments of settling as students are engaging and listening. Aim is to collect more data and improve motion detection and try to find a correlation between what is observed and what is going on in the room. 

About sharonslade

Dr Sharon Slade is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Business and Law at the Open University in the UK working to support both tutors and students on Open University distance learning modules and programmes. Her research interests encompass ethical issues in learning analytics and online learning and tuition. Project work includes the development of a student support framework to improve retention and progression and the development of a university wide tool for tracking students and triggering relevant and targeted interventions. She led the development of new policy around the ethical use of learning analytics within the Open University, UK.
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