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Profiling risky clients #LAK12

I must admit that I found Leslie Scism and Mark Maremont’s paper on the approaches used by insurance companies to assess health risk to be quite shocking. Although much of the #LAK12 mooc has focused on the accumulation and exploitation of observed … Continue reading

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The promise and peril of big data #LAK12

Too, too much here to possibly summarise neatly, but I can only suggest that you read this apparently daunting 66 page report which is in fact incredibly easy to read and follow and makes lots (and lots) of valid and relevant … Continue reading

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Machine Learning: A Love Story #LAK12

Listening to Hilary Mason from talking about machine thinking and its origins based around the presumption that ‘the essence of humanness, the ability to think and have an identity can be described so precisely as to be rendered on … Continue reading

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Web 3.0 – a story about the semantic web #LAK12

Bless you Kate Ray. Having felt pretty despondent about my ability to understand the tangled mess that is (apparently) the semantic web, she hits us with this great little video clip that makes it much clearer. The problem is that … Continue reading

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The Semantic Web #LAK12

Yikes! Just opened up Sean Palmer’s paper from week 4 of the #LAK12 mooc and almost backed straight out again! I tried really hard to read the paper, but really it’s written in fairly heavy technical speak, even if there … Continue reading

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Educause post on learning analytics#LAK12

Picked this up via an internal summary shared at work (thanks to Jim Ellis of Open University in the UK): Educause has released a new white paper, Analytics in Higher Education: Establishing a Common Language, which looks at the use … Continue reading

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Adaptive learning – Knewton case study #LAK12

Just watched the short video outlining the main features of the Knewton adaptive learning system which claims to provide tailored online learning systems which take account of student progress and learning styles. This is clearly a direction that many HE … Continue reading

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