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academic analytics – a snapshot #LAK12

Have skim read a paper on the state of academic analytics in the US and Canada in 2005 and found it mostly interesting and thought provoking. I guess it’s a shortcoming of my professional background, but I struggled with some … Continue reading

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data, data everywhere #LAK12

Just watched the video lecture of Marisa Mayer (Google) on The Physics of Data talking about the explosion of data posted to the web in recent years. Some interesting issues are flagged – how quickly we can upload and access … Continue reading

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Big Brother IS watching you #LAK12

I suppose I’ve been a bit naive to assume that the sorts of analyses that Amazon employs are the ultimate in positively exploiting customer information and behaviour. I guess I should have been alerted by the number of times that … Continue reading

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Big data, stupid decisions #LAK12

Just listening to Panagiotis Ipeirotis talking about how data is used to influence buying choices #LAK12. A really interesting talk which explores how ratings and seller reputation weigh more heavily in the buying decision than price. But more interestingly, it’s … Continue reading

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The ethics of learning analytics #LAK12

A colleague and I have decided to explore the area of the ethics of learning analytics in the field of Higher education. Is it necessarily a ‘good thing’ to know more about our students than the face that they choose … Continue reading

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